City of Rocky Ford Announces McDonagh as New Police Chief

Description: the City of Rocky Ford announces the appointment of its new Police Chief, Sean McDonagh effective July 5th, 2023.

Published: 06/07/2023
Byline: SECO News

City of Rocky Ford Announces McDonagh as New Police Chief

City of Rocky Ford New Police Chief After a highly competitive selection and recruitment process, the City of Rocky Ford announces the appointment of its new Police Chief, Sean McDonagh effective July 5th, 2023.

Chief McDonagh brings over 10 years of demonstrated law enforcement and leadership experience to Rocky Ford. He has a proven track record of strategic budget management, commitment to community engagement and personnel development, and has been an advocate for reducing the number of teens in fatal crashes.

Chief McDonagh has been involved with law enforcement since 1999, starting his career as a Probationary Constable in NSW, Australia. Within 18 months he was promoted to a Highway Patrol Operative, which required a vigorous 6-month long education program, where he obtained 1st place achieving the "Senior Sergeant Ray Smith Memorial Award". Two years later, he was promoted first, to Senior Constable, and then to Traffic Supervisor. As Traffic Supervisor he was responsible for 140 police officers.

During this time as Traffic Supervisor, he oversaw Traffic Committee meetings for three local government area, which met once a month to discuss speed limit changes, signage, roads, road maintenance, and crash reporting. It also involved discussions on how to reduce road trauma. Also, during this time, he created and implemented a program called "U Turn the Wheel", which was a collaborative effort program that involved several partner agencies and stakeholders. This program involved every high school within the three local areas. Students attended a rotating schedule of practical, hands-on classes which allowed students a reality-based experience by working with Fire Department and Paramedics on how to deal with emergency situations while on scene to show them what that looked like.

In 2006, he was promoted to the position of Sergeant Traffic Operations Supervisor, for the NSW Police Security Command as part of the Major Planning Unit. This position was charged with being one of only two officers in the entire country designing and managing an entire traffic management plan for 21 world leaders. Sean has worked extremely close with agencies around the world, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Secret Service, Royal Australian Navy and Air Force, the Australian Commonwealth and State Governments, and NSW Roads & Traffic Authority.

Sean has been involved in emergency management for a variety of major incidents and events during his tenure. He has also been awarded several service medals, including NSW Police Olympic Metal, Unit Citation Medal, and Australian Police Medal just to name a few.

Chief McDonagh stated "I'm extremely eager to get to work with the Rocky Ford community and the city administration, building a close working relationship with them, respectively." "With a motivated and engaged police department, and that assistance from the community and city, we can project Rocky Ford into an even better place to live and conduct business. I'm excited for the future here." The City of Rocky Ford looks forward to working with out new Chief.

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