The ART Project Update Aug. 15, 2022

Description: The ART Project Multi-Artist Throwdown Founder Zeke Ayala gives an update on event planning progress.

Published: 08/15/2022
Byline: Ayala

The ART Project Update with founder Zeke Ayala

*  The City of La Junta has asked for permission in writing from participating property owners and we have that completed and will present it to City Council on Monday Aug. 15, 2022.

* The City of La Junta has asked us to contact local fire and police departments concerning street closure and safety concerns.  Street closure proposals have been submitted in writing as requested by La Junta Fire Chief Davidson. We are expecting that there should be no issues.

* La Junta Police Chief Todd Quick said the Art Project is a great idea and has some old police cars to paint. We also invited LJPD to participate in the project.

* We have secured some equipment and materials for the project.  Our primer/buffing paint has been donated and so has an airless sprayer.  We are on the hunt for sponsors for both monetary support for materials and equipment. Thank you to those who have sponsored already. It's greatly appreciated!

Also we have a few ladders of various sizes and 2 small portable scaffolds, but we are in need of more ladders and scaffolding.

We are especially in need of a lift as there are two tall walls that will be difficult to paint without one.

* We have had a local Mason check the wall and offer their services if needed.

* We have contacted the city electrical department and have done a walk through for hazards and risks and that information will be passed on the artists and public. Any safety concerns will be made public via SECO News.

*  Chalk has been donated for the Chalk Drawing Contest as well as cash prizes to be awarded to the winners.

* There will be 3 automobiles for the artists and public to paint. There will be a port a potty as well.

* There will be a community art wall for the public to join in on the fun.

* 3 djs have been secured for the event with other entertainment pending.

* We are partnering up with Clean Valley Recycling to help them and the ART Project succeed.

* 2 dumpsters have been secured for the youth to decorate.

*  * We have secured a few vendors and there will be plenty of food options available, with many local restaurants running weekend specials.

* There will be bounce houses for the kids and quite possibly some other activities.

* We're working on integrating a car show as well for Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022.  

More info coming soon!

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