Clean Valley Recycling - Tis The Season of Recycling!

Description: Help Colorado reach it's recycling goals!

Tis The Season of Recycling!

And you know what that means - lots of corrugated boxes, paperboard boxes, newspaper, greeting cards, and bubble wrap. This year, why not recycle all those items instead of throwing them into the trash?

Recycling cardboard and paper is easier than ever with convenient drop-off locations all over town and with full-service options. Bring your flattened boxes to:

For Convenience:

• The bin at 6th and Colorado

• The bins at 3rd and Adams

• The bin at 5th and Gardener

• Call the City at 719-384-5991 to ask about curbside recycling pickup, paid through your utility bill. This bi-weekly service is just $7/month!

For Personal Service:

• The recycling center in the old Holly Sugar Plant in Swink is open from 9-4 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

• The Recycling Trailer at 3rd and Adams is open Saturday mornings from 9-12.


Clean Valley Recycling Plastics Sorting - Interview with Manager Dee Hostetler in Swink, Colorado

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