4\7\21 Otero\Crowley County Health Department Covid-19 Update: Level Green

Description: Crowley County is Green "Across the board." Otero is Currently within Green Threshold...



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Hello to all.  Here is a mid-week update for you:

Current COVID-19 Dial Status

ü  Crowley: 

§ Current Level:  Green, Protect Our Neighbors (PON)

§ Data time period:  (3/23/2021-4/5/2021)

§ Notes:  Currently, Crowley is “green across the board”, meaning we are compliant in all Dial 3.0 metrics (seven day incidence rate, case counts, hospital capacity, and percent positivity).  We need to keep it that way, it’s up to us. 


ü  Otero

§ Current Level:  Green, Protect Our Neighbors (PON)

§ Data time period:  (3/23/2021-4/5/2021)

§ Notes:  Otero is not “green across the board”, as Otero’s current 7 day incidence rate is 38.29 (must be less than 35).  However, for a couple of days we were at a rate of 49.23, so the clock was ticking, but yesterday we dropped below the 40.25 threshold with a rate of 38.29.  For an explanation of this, see item d. below.  Let’s work together to keep that rate coming down, it’s up to us! 


ü  Dial 3.0 Green Level/PON Metric Thresholds

a.       Seven day test positivity rate less than 5%

b.      Seven consecutive days with an incidence rate less than 35/100,000 people; OR

c.       Seven consecutive days with a rolling comparable case count between 0-10; AND

d.      Stable (no more than 25% increase) or declining counts of new confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations in the county’s referral hospitals (as defined by the local public health agency) in the last 14 days compared to the previous 14 day period OR no more than 2 new hospital admissions on any day in the last 14 days.

e.       Movement to more restrictive level:  Counties will remain in a Dial level so long as they continue to meet the metrics in that level. Counties may exceed their Dial level’s disease incidence metric and still remain in that level as long as they do not exceed the minimum of the next more restrictive Dial level’s incidence rate by more than 15% for 5 consecutive days, which for Blue Level is 40.25 cases/100,000 population.  What does this mean?  In order to move to Blue Level, we would need to meet/exceed a rate of 40.25 for 5 consecutive days.  The clock starts ticking when we exceed 40.25, and resets when we dip below that threshold. 

f.       You can find COVID-19 Dial Level Determinants and Level Restrictions here:  COVID-19 dial dashboard | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

If you look at the state COVID-19 map (COVID-19 dial dashboard | Colorado COVID-19 Updates) we are definitely seeing counties moving back into Blue, Yellow, and even Orange Levels.  Crowley and Otero, let’s work together to keep us in the green!   

The Tenth Amended Public Health Order (PHO) 20-36 Dial, was recently released.  Regarding this, see below:

ü  Full order link:  public health order

ü  Summary of changes link:  summary of changes

ü  Updated capacity charts:  English & Spanish

ü  I have attached the press release regarding this. 

It is up to us, working together, to achieve the common goal of keeping COVID-19 rates down.  I can’t stress enough that we are all depending on each other.  So, for the sake of our most vulnerable, our businesses, our neighbors, our families, and ourselves, please do the following:

ü  Wear a mask when required.  Currently, there are a lot of places where masks are not required, but you can still wear them.  I am.  And, I am still seeing people wear them in places where they are not required, THANKS!

ü  Make sure to practice appropriate social distancing.  This is critical since we have relaxed mask wearing, and it is still a requirement.

ü  If you have not already done so, consider getting vaccinated.  In Colorado, COVID-19 vaccinations are currently open to all people age 16+.  You can register right here:  ochdvaxnow.com 

ü  Take the threat of COVID-19 seriously, because it is serious.  CDC’s early estimates rank COVID-19 as the third leading cause of death in the year 2020 (Provisional Mortality Data — United States, 2020 | MMWR (cdc.gov))

ü  More prevention recommendations:  https://covid19.colorado.gov/prevention 

Remember, we are depending on each other, it’s up to all of us! 

Richard Ritter, Executive Director

Otero County Health Department

13 West 3rd Street, Room 111

La Junta, Colorado 81050

719-383-3045 (Office)

719-383-3060 (Fax)