Bent County Fair Car Show Interview With The Rickens

Description: The Bent County Fair Car Show July 31st in Las Animas...Free BBQ Meal For First 50 Entries...Sponsored by D & M Auto and Truck Repair, Wheels Ablaze Muscle Car Ministry, HecTire, and

Published: 07/14/2021
Byline: Hart

Bent County Fair Car Show Interview 1

Bent County Fair Car Show Interview

Bent County Fair Car Show Interview With The Rickens

Doug and Missy Ricken D & M Auto and Truck Repair SECO News

SECO News: This is Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado news on

We're excited for the car show season underway this Summer in Southeast Colorado. Coming up, we've got the Bent County Fair Car Show on July 31st and with me event organizers Doug and Missy Ricken. This is not your guys' first car show is it?

Missy: We've had a few.

SECO News: Just a few, a couple of decades worth. Anyways, you guys started doing car shows, like, almost a couple decades ago, and you started to do it in memory of Andrew.

Doug: Yes.

SECO News: I guess we're gonna get right to it. So you guys started sharing your passion of car shows, and the car culture in Southeast Colorado as a way to recognize and memorialize your son Andrew.

Doug: Right.

SECO News: And you guys have one red Cuda that's a beautiful, I don't want to call her a trailer Queen because I see you guys drive her. Yeah, and I think Andrew would be pretty proud to see that car in all the shows.

Doug: Bought new here in Las Animas only got 28,000 miles on it.

SECO News: Very cool.

Doug: Yeah.

SECO News: Did my wife tell you about the time that he snuck it out?

Missy: Uh-Oh.

Doug: I hope he didn't.

Missy: I wouldn't put it past those kids.

SECO News: Yeah, I think they did take it out once, according to my wife's tall tales from high school, so it's kind of neat hindsight to know that happened.

Doug: Yeah.

SECO News: Very cool. So we've got an exciting car show coming up. Of course it's sponsored by D & M Auto and Truck Repair. That's what you guys do for the day job, keep everybody in Las Animas on the road.

Doug: And cool these days.

SECO News: Yep, and yeah recharging those air conditioners. That's what I was bellyaching about earlier.

And wheels ablaze muscle car ministry is also a sponsor here.

And it's free to enter into the car show, that's something that really differentiates your show from all the others.

Missy: And that's thanks to our other sponsors too because we have different ones that help us with that and that lets us do it free!

SECO News: Very, very cool. So that's going to be July 31st. What time does setup start Doug?

Doug: Setup starts, the vendors can come about 10 am.

SECO News: Okay.

Doug: And we can get them lined up, then the show will be from 2 to 6pm. We'll have, like you say lots of vendors. We have a chance to, if you enter the car show you, you get a chance to win $400 towards a set of tires from Hectire here in Las Animas, and just all kinds of fun things going on during the day.

SECO News: Cash Prizes! Door Prizes!

SECO News: Yeah, you've got my little cartoon caricature on the flyer. I'm going to be there playing some music for a little bit. We might have some special guests coming up so we'll release some more information in the next podcast, right here on SECO News. I'm excited to be a part of the Bent County Fair Car Show again.

Missy: Alright!

SECO News is going to do some video, we're going to do some photos of the car entrants, owners with their vehicles, and we're going to do some cool articles about the people of Southeast Colorado at your guys' car show, so thanks for having us along.

Missy: Thank you very much.

SECO News: Anything you guys want to say in closing?

Doug: Just come out and enjoy the show have a good time. We got a pretty awesome DJ. He'll keep us all lined up for the whole length of the show.

SECO News: Very good. If all goes well, I might have a break of some kind. It's gonna be a good time. We're going to make some noise, and we're going to bring the cars out. Loud pipes save lives, that's my excuse.

Come on down to the Bent County Fair Car Show, July 31 at the fairgrounds in Las Animas, we'll put a map at the bottom of the article so you've got no excuse, you've got directions now and it's free to enter, free for spectators, come and join SECO News, D & M Auto and Truck Repair, Wheels Ablaze Muscle Car Ministry and the Ricken family.

Doug: Yeah, come on down and everything - if it's got wheels - it can be entered.

SECO News: All right, yep. Yeah, we didn't mention that. Cars, Trucks, Pickups, Tractors, Motorcycles, like Doug said if it's got wheels it can be entered in the show for free July 31st in Las Animas.

More information:

Bent County Fair Car Show - July 31st

For More Information About The Bent County Fair Car Show Call Doug 719 940-0780 or Missy 719 940-0096.

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