Hyperdrive and SECO NEWS Meet To Jam

Description: The band at The Venue, Denver, CO August 15, 2020

Published: 09/07/2020
Byline: Presser

Hyperdrive tore through the rehearsal setlist for Seconews in a special private session.

Hyperdrive comes from La Junta, CO and is looking to do shows all around the valley. The band is loud. It's proud. It brings something fresh to the table. Consisting of 3 members, Hyperdrive ignites shows with a combination of synthesizers, bass, and drums.

Soundcheck at 'The Venue', Denver, CO August 15, 2020

The first EP, 'Strategy 1: Exit' was released early 2020, featuring the song, "Partners In Crime". The EP is a blend of rock and electronic and its search of an identity. Escapism seems to be an important subject, and the way out is shown as the final two tracks sound 'more engineered' than the first half of the EP. The band has learned how to mix and master under one's own steam and it can be heard as the EP progresses. The difference between the track in front and the one behind is almost two-fold. Excitingly, a full album is in the works.

Strategy 1: Exit EP front cover

After the release of the EP, the band performed at various places across Colorado, and so far the band's hands are getting dirty. Stay tuned for updates on Seconews.

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