Swink Schools Announces Football Attendance Rules and Ticket Process

Description: Swink Schools Superintendent Hebberd Releases Football Spectating Guidelines.

Published: 10/06/2020
Byline: Hart

Swink Schools Releases More FB Attendance Info

From Mrs. Benedict(Athletic Director -Ed.):


Good Morning Football Parents

I am attaching a fan letter that Byers is sending out to their parents. I hope this answers a lot of your questions. Each county will have their own rules and guidelines that they will have to follow. I will do my best to get you as much information as I can. You can always check the school website for information as well.

Swink home games will use the GoFan electronic ticket system. I will send you the link to purchase tickets for the Simla game tomorrow. It will be open to parents only until Tuesday of next week. Each family is asked to limit the number of tickets purchased to 5. After Tuesday we will post the link on our website for the general public to purchase tickets. You will need to have your smartphone with you, open to the GoFan page to show the gate person your ticket(s). If you have any questions please let me know. This is new to all of us but is a great way to avoid dealing with money and a quick and easy way to trace who attended the game.




Fall is in the air and football is on the menu.  As with most things, the 2020 fall football season will look a little different.  According to CHSAA guidelines, even though this is an outdoor event, fans are still required to socially distance and wear masks.  Fans not part of the same family group need to maintain social distance of at least 6 feet while also wearing a mask.  We have a fan capacity of 250.  In order to manage crowd numbers and be able to track attendance in the event of an outbreak, we will be utilizing an electronic ticketing service this year.  All ticket transactions will be cashless and contactless, and handled through GoFan. In order to allow access to all families each transaction will be limited to 5 tickets. All ticket prices will include a $1.00 charge to cover the cost of GoFan. We will email a link to parents on 10/8/20. We will post a link to the website for public use on 10/14/20. All admission will be handled through the GoFan website or App. You will need to bring your smartphone, open to the GoFan page, and show the gate person your ticket for entry to the game. In order to help facilitate contact tracing, should it prove necessary, families bringing younger kids to the game will need to keep those kids with them in the stands.   Please do not bring children to the game and turn them loose. Concessions will be open outside limited to pre-packaged items (i.e. pop, candy).

While some things may look a little different, it will still be Friday night high school football with all the excitement that brings.  We ask that each of you attending do your part, wear masks, socially distance, and keep your kids with your family group.  Together we can help ensure that our kids will be able to finish the season with the same excitement they started with.

For junior high and junior varsity games we will use a self ticketing system. We will not charge for these games. Fans will need to bring a card or piece of paper that lists the attendees and a phone number where they can be reached. This will provide a means of contact tracing. The mask and social distancing requirements will still be in effect. 

**Please note this page is NOT monitored for questions or comments, please call the office for clarification.