The Space Lady Performs (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

Description: From her performance at Music at the Junction in 2021, Susan Dietrich, a.k.a. The Space Lady plays (Ghost) Riders in the Sky on her classic Casio keyboard with effect pedals. (Press Play to Watch the Video)

Published: 05/03/2023
Byline: SECO News

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Ghost Riders in Music Culture

Ghost Riders in the Sky, written by Stan Jones in the late 1940s, has become a classic song that has stood the test of time. It tells the story of a cowboy who sees a herd of ghostly cattle being chased by riders in the sky, and the haunting melody and powerful lyrics have captivated audiences for decades.

When the song was first released in 1948, it received little attention. However, in 1950, a number of artists recorded versions of the song, and it quickly became a hit. Vaughn Monroe's version of the song was the most successful, spending a total of 21 weeks on the charts, and earning him a gold record.

Other notable artists who recorded the song in 1950 include Burl Ives, Peggy Lee, and Bing Crosby. All of these versions enjoyed massive success, with Burl Ives' version spending 10 weeks on the charts and reaching number five.

The impact of Ghost Riders in the Sky on the music industry and culture is significant. It has been covered by numerous artists over the years, including Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and The Doors, among many others. The song has been used in movies, television shows, and even video games, cementing its place as a cultural icon.

The song's popularity can be attributed to its timeless lyrics and haunting melody, as well as its connection to the western genre. The cowboy imagery and themes of the song evoke a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time, while the powerful vocals and musical arrangement create a sense of grandeur and awe.

Overall, Ghost Riders in the Sky is a classic song that has had a lasting impact on the music industry and popular culture. Its popularity has endured for over 70 years, and it is likely to continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

About the Performer - The Space Lady Bio and Feature Videos

The Space Lady, aka Susan Dietrich who grew up in Las Animas, Colorado had a 20-year career as a street musician in Boston and San Francisco before being discovered on YouTube and acquiring a cult following around the world of people who loved her eclectic and ethereal Casio keyboard covers of popular rock songs.

Since 2014 she has been touring internationally to play on stage for her faithful fans, until the covid shutdown. With restrictions on gatherings finally relaxed, this Saturday she begins her comeback tour at the Rocky Ford Fairgrounds, busking at street level like she did in the old days, for Music at the Junction.

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