Swink Schools Allows Limited Basketball and Wrestling Spectators

Description: Swink Schools Announces Plans For Limited Parent Attendance at Basketball and Wrestling Games...

Published: 02/03/2021
Byline: Hart

Swink Schools Allows Limited Spectators 

From Swink Schools:

The Santa Fe League met February 2nd, to revisit plans for administering League games during Season B. 

(Girls and Boys Basketball, Wrestling High School and Junior High). With the exceptions of Holly none of the Santa Fe League teams will be allowing visiting fans at this time.  Some teams have been prohibited from having any fans by their health departments.  Others have made a decision to prioritize allowing students to remain in the gym rather than bring in adults.  With the exception of Crowley County all League teams are operating under the Orange restriction levels or stricter.  At the Orange level we are allowed a capacity of 50 people not counting essential game personnel.   Athletes not on the roster of the game being played are not considered essential and count against the 50 person limit.  Other districts have elected to allocate their 50 slots to provide space in the gym for the non competing athletes rather than bring in outside fans.  

In response to a near unanimous request from our student athletes to allow parents, Swink will be holding our non competing athletes in the Old Gym until it is time for them to take the court.  This will create some space under the 50 person cap to bring in a limited number of parents.  Starting Friday the 5th with the Crowley County game Swink will allow two fans per family.  Admission will be through a gate list that can be used to provide evidence of screening and keep track of attendance. Fans must be on the gate list to be admitted and slots are not transferable.  Rather than charge for admission we will accept donations.  Families should email Ms. Benedict to be placed on the gate list. Send the names of your two family spectators to carol.benedict@swink.k12.co.us 

In order to minimize crowd changes we will play varsity girls, JV boys, Varsity boys or JV boys, varsity boys, varsity girls. The order may vary depending on outside factors like official availability.   Regardless of order the boys will be treated as one crowd and the girls as one crowd.  Our players and fans playing the first game will need to quickly exit to allow us to sanitize and make room for the next game.  Fans for the second game will be allowed in after sanitation is complete. 

There will be no concessions or outside food allowed fans may bring water in a spill proof container. 

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in helping us to transition games in a quick efficient manner.  


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