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Full Name: Billy Jackson


Billy Jackson is a contemporary painter who lives and works in La Junta , Colorado. A native of Denver Colorado, his artistic style pay homage to the urban environment of the big city. His work often uses bright colors, and clean lines, and often has the feeling of organized chaos. 

      Billy often paints picturesque landscapes, abstracts, and stunning pop art pieces all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions. He says he draws inspiration from “the things of life.” This includes everything from politics to a simple energy drink can.

As a child Jackson spent many hours just drawing for fun. As a kid Billy’s parents would consistently be involved in domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, and homelessness. So he found art therapeutic, and would help him “zone out” of the stressful situation he often found him self in. He often times was scolded by his teachers for not paying attention to his studies, and can even recall one teacher telling him that “he is wasting your life with those doodles”. Billy never earned a earned a degree, but rather is entirely self taught. He dose credit Bob Ross and other artist on YouTube for great tutorials.

Billy has never been featured in any galleries, but is hoping one day this will change. Although he is only known on a local level, he has had hundreds of pieces hanging in homes all over the country.

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