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Full Name: Kaitlyn Myers

company: Flora and Fauna Photography


2023 La Junta Chamber of Commerce Membership Plaque Photo Winner: Kaitlyn Myers

Hello all! My name is Kaitlyn Myers, and I am a Southern Colorado native, a natural light photographer, and somewhat of an awkward turtle. I have always had a passion for photography, starting the second I could get my hands on a camera when I was just a youngling. I started with disposable cameras, taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, and my family, and have worked my way up throughout the years to using professional cameras (and wayyy to many lenses) and now have a passion for taking pictures of you beautiful folks! I love showing my clients my perspective and see their face light up when they see the beauty I can capture - it seriously brings joy to my heart!

I have started small, just doing some small family sessions and Senior Portrait sessions, but I am sooo excited to expand my horizons and shoot anything and everything! If you don't see what you're looking for, please just ask, I am an open book and love a challenge!

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