La Junta Senior Golf League - results for September 28, 2021

Description: Fred Boettcher at putting practice for the La Junta Seniors Golf League. (Photo By: Janet Golding)

Published: 09/29/2021
Byline: Hart
La Junta Senior Golf League - results for September 28, 2021
By: Janet Golding
It was perfect weather for the La Junta Senior Golf League today. We had 33 gp;fers playing 9 holes of scramble golf.  We had 7 teams of 4 players and 1 team of 5 players.  No one was able to make the challenge chip (hole #2).  Jay Bollacker, Matt Perea, and Jim Thayer made the challenge putt (hole #5).
On October 5, 2021, sign up at 9:30 am and play will start at 10:00 am.  Also, a reminder that green fees need to be paid to the La Junta Golf Course in the small clubhouse if you are not a member of the course. We have some new members and we want to make sure everyone is aware of that.
1st Place:  Score of 29
Rod Soden, Gary Armitage, Caroline Kibler, Ron Bay
2nd Place:  Score of 30
Mackie O'Neal, Kathy Edwards, Christine Wynne, Jay Bollacker
3rd Place:  Score of 31
Rob Tryon, Brad Swartz, Stan Lindsay, Susie Matthewson
4th Place, massive tie, Score 32
Cassandra Thomas, Carl Anderson, Mike Stokes, Sudi Stokes
Matt Perea, Marvin Kibler, Jim Thayer, Cathy Bollacker
Kevin Buchner, Mark Johnston, Lyle Lough, Janet Golding
Fred Boettcher, Janet Horber, Bob May, Virgil Lindsay
Score of 33
Larry Herrera, Alan Root, Mark Weaver, Joy Grasmick, Sharon Tashiro
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