Sangre Hospice Volunteers Craft Quilts at Estate Store

Description: Left to right: Delita Fleischacker, Georgia Atz, Sheila Ziegler, Toni Cook, Deede Lowry, Kim Morlan and Jerry Fleischacker. (Photo Credit: Marty Fleischacker)

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Sangre Hospice Volunteers Craft Quilts at Estate Store

Transcript of Interview with Volunteer Coordinator Deede Lowry:

SECO News: This is Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado News on

We're at The Estate Store Fall Parking Lot Festival and I've been talking with Marty and perusing the vendors today.

A lot of what's making the whole festival go is the work from the volunteers, so we're here talking with Deede, she's the Volunteer Coordinator. We'll let her give the whole name and title here in a moment, we're talking with her about what it takes to put on an event like this and about the volunteers here helping Sangre. Deede.

Lowry: Yes. It's so nice to be here and to be represented by the volunteers in this community. I grew up in a little town called Campo, most of you probably know where that's at, but I think that is one reason why I love working with the volunteers in La Junta. Because it's kind of like being at home.

We've got volunteers who just love to do things for other people and through doing for other people it makes them feel good. Most of our volunteers are retired, although we do have a very young volunteer here today, and she's in high school and she helps Marty with the flowers. But the majority of our volunteers help with making quilts and with making food and making handy crafted items that benefit our patients and also are available for sale to the community.

SECO News: So talking about the volunteers they do more than prepare awesome spicy burritos, which they made sure I had before walking out the door. So, come by for your spicy burritos, but come check out the quilting. Just some phenomenal artwork, going on, Deede do you want to tell me a little about it?

Lowry: Sure We have one volunteer in particular who makes quilt tops, she doesn't do the quilting, but she makes some of the most amazing and beautiful quilt tops that you would ever see and every corner is perfect. And we have been blessed with her talents, but after she gets the quilt tops done then we're faced with the problem to find other people in the community who would do the quilting itself and finish the quilts out. So we had asked a few people in Pueblo, clear down to Springfield and back to La Junta who did that sort of work and they volunteered their time, just to finish the quilts out for us as a fundraiser.

I want to add that in La Junta the lady who does the quilting is Sean Geist, and we're very grateful for her and the other volunteer quilters who made this project so wonderful for this event. I'd like to add that most of the fabrics that we use in the quilts have been donated to us from people who we have taken care of in our hospice program.

We get bundles of quilts and boxes of old fabrics from patients who passed away and the family no longer needs those pieces of fabric, so our volunteers take that fabric and repurpose that and make it into a beautiful quilt, so there's a lot of thought, a lot of memories that go into the quilting project and I believe that that is what makes quilts special.

When quilts can tell a story and gives us purpose, and we like to remember those people that cared for through our quilt project. So, I hope people will stop by and pick out a special quilt. We price those so that they're easy for anyone to buy. They're not expensive, but they are beautiful.

SECO News: Alright. Kind of got those extra layers of comfort added to that comfort item. 

Lowry: Yes.

SECO News: Very cool. Thank you for doing it Deede.

Lowry: Thank you.

SECO News: Anything you want to say in closing?

Lowry: I just want to send a lot of praise to the volunteers here because they are amazing women. We'd like to have more volunteers join our group, so if anyone listening would like to or would be interesting in becoming a volunteer we'd like for you to contact our main office and we're planning to do a training before too long and we would love to welcome you into our volunteer program. 

SECO News: Alright. Very good. Thank you so much Deede.

Lowry: Thank you.

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