Savage Football Attendance Guidelines Announced

Description: Ticket/Lottery Selections Required For Attendance at Lamar Savage Stadium Hosted Football Games Via Google Form On District Website.

Published: 10/03/2020
Byline: Sperra
Saturday Afternoon The Lamar Savage Sports Booster Club Announced Football Attendance Guidelines
Over the weekend Lamar Savage Sports Booster Club released the following on social media:
Savage Stadium
In the midst of this pandemic, the safety of our players, and those who support them, is extremely important to us at the Lamar School District. As such, we will adhere to the guidance provided to us by the Colorado High School Activities Association, Prowers County Public Health, the Colorado Department of Education, and our State and Federal Governments.
We first ask that individuals who are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or who have had close contact with anyone experiencing symptoms, stay home. While asymptomatic transmission is possible with this virus, the absence of people who are outwardly displaying signs of the disease will greatly assist in the goal of making everyone safer. Do not attend a contest at this facility if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, a loss of taste or smell, a new or persistent cough.
Attendance Restrictions:
With the recent move of Prowers County into the Safer at Home, Level 1: Cautious, Lamar High School will be able to allow more fans at games than would have been possible even one week ago. At this level, with the size of the grandstand on the home sideline, we will be able to allow in 250 spectators.
In order to facilitate our game day operations, we will be utilizing a ticketing system that is different from how fans have gained access to the stadium in the past. With a strong desire to provide parents with the opportunity to watch their child perform, first preference for tickets will be given to those who are participating in the event. By way of a google form, football players, cheerleaders, and members of the band will be given the first opportunity to request tickets. Football players can request up to two tickets while cheerleaders and band members may request one. These participants can give these tickets to whomever they would like to have the opportunity to watch them. Players, cheerleaders and band members will receive their tickets from their coaches. All remaining tickets will be added to the pool of tickets that can be requested by students and the general public. Posted on the Lamar School district website will be a google form for students/general public to request a single ticket.
Those who request a ticket via this form will be entered into a lottery to ensure the randomness of ticket assignment. These google request forms will be available on the Lamar High School webpage for the dates and times listed:
Game Date
Sign up Form Available
Varsity at Elizabeth
No visiting fans
JV vs. Elizabeth
10/2 – 10/6
Varsity vs. Bayfield
10/9 – 10/13
JV vs. Burlington
10/9 – 10/13
Whistle Game vs. La Junta
10/16 – 10/20
JV at La Junta
TBA on website
JV at Centauri
TBA on website
Varsity at Pagosa Springs
10/23 – 10/27
Varsity vs. Manitou
10/30 – 11/3
JV at Manitou
TBA on website
Varsity at Alamosa
TBA on website
JV vs. Alamosa
11/6 -11/10
In order to be selected, fans will need to include their email address on the google form which will be used to inform if you have been selected to receive a ticket. If you are selected to receive a ticket, you will need to pick it up at the high school on either Thursday, 4:00pm – 5:00 or Friday, 8:00am – 12:00pm, on the week of the game. Masks are required to enter the high school to get your ticket. If you do not have a mask on you, please notify us through the intercom system and we will bring the ticket out to you.
The tickets to each game will be uniquely designed and numbered to ensure that we are not going over maximum number of spectators that can be in the stadium. Your ticket will have a place on the back that must be filled in with your name and telephone number which will assist public health with contact tracing should an outbreak occur at one of our contests. Your ticket is also not a free pass into the stadium. These tickets allow you to pay for admittance at the gate; however, without a ticket you will not be allowed in the stadium.
Ticket Prices:
Adult – $5.00
Students/Seniors - $4.00
CHSAA passes, CHSCA passes, and Staff Activity Tickets will be accepted during this football season in conjunction with ticket received from the lottery process. A pass alone will not allow an individual to enter our games this year.
Away Game Tickets:
Tickets to road contests will follow the host school’s policy for visitors which will vary in the number of tickets allowed and how they are distributed. Our football player’s parents will have first access to purchase tickets to road games. See the Lamar High School website for specific details the week of the game. If you do not have a ticket to a road game, you will not be allowed into the facility.
Visiting Fans:
Per an agreement between the member schools in the new Southwest League of which Lamar is a part for football this season; visiting fans will be allowed to attend games on the road. The number of tickets for road contests will vary and depend on the unique characteristics of each stadium and the current threat level that the coronavirus is imposing on that county. Tickets distribution for road games will be handled the same way as for home contests, with players having first choice, followed by the general public.
There will only be two entrances open for games, the main entrance off of Seventh Street and a visitor’s entrance located off Seventh on the opposite side of the locker room facility. Lamar Savage fans who have a ticket will enter through the main entrance. Visiting fans will use the guest entrance on the north of the locker rooms. Please see the attached map. The center gate and south entrance will remain locked during the contest, but will be opened up for fans to exit the stadium.
Seating/Social Distancing:
Lamar Savage fans will sit in the grandstand on south side of the stadium. Visiting fans will make use of the bleacher seating on the north side of the stadium nearest to their entrance. Fans from the two opposing schools are to have no interaction with each other creating two distinct cohorts that allow us to increase the number of people that have an opportunity to watch.
Social distancing must be observed by all players, coaches, volunteers, workers, and spectators. To the greatest extent possible, six feet of separation should be maintained between individuals not residing in the same household.
Make sure and maintain physical separation as you move through the complex, be it to the restrooms, concession stand, or to your vehicle after the game.
When games conclude, spectators, players, and coaches will need to promptly leave the facility and not gather in groups as we are normally accustom to doing.
Spectators on the home side will use the regular restroom and concession stand facilities. Portable toilets and washing facilities have been brought into the visiting side of the stadium. A limited concession stand will be set up for visiting stands; likely selling only prepacked food items. The Lamar Savage Booster Club will operate this limited concession facility as well as operate our traditional stand with a full menu for the home team’s fans.
Band and Cheerleaders:
Cheerleaders and bands from opposing teams will not be allowed at Savage Stadium this year. Lamar Lady Savage Cheerleaders will utilize their normal entrance and cheer from their usual spot on the track. The Lamar Super Savage Sound System will utilize the southwest entrance, and will be moving to a location out of the grandstand, to field level, near the west end zone.
Lamar High School will be employing district personnel and off duty police officers for each game to ensure that only ticketed spectators are allowed to enter our facility during games.
We ask that all spectators adhere to the statewide mask order, which requires that masks are worn in indoor settings, except under limited circumstances. Masks are strongly encouraged, although not required, in outdoor settings unless required by local authorities. (2020-09 Organized Sports Guidance)
Players actively participating in the contest do not have to wear a mask. This includes when they are on the field or warming up to enter the game. When they are on the sideline in close proximity to other players, masks must be worn.
Players are permitted to wear masks on the field during gameplay, if they are physically able to do so and have determined that they would like this extra level of precaution.