3G SPORTS SCAM - Local HS Football Virtual Events Confirmed Nation Wide Scam

Description: Local livestream football broadcast scam from 3G Sports sends their tentacles originating from Indonesia across the US to Southeast Colorado in elaborate event invitation engagement scheme.

Suspicious Facebook HS Football Event Invitations - A Nation Wide Scam

Seconews has been contacted by several victims of this scam. If you have fallen victim take these three recommended steps.

1. Contact your bank and stop payment.

2. Report to local law enforcement. 

3. Report the post on the platform you received the solicitation.

Seconews confirmed with the NFHS Network that 3G Sports is not affiliated with the NFHS Network and does not seem to be legitimately hosting high school football livestreaming events. 

If you have received an invitation to attend a livestream broadcast for High School Football from 3G Sports, do not interact or provide any information to them as it may expose your financial information to theft.

Seconews has contacted several local school districts in regards to their Friday night football games being scheduled as livestream events by an unknown poster. The Facebook events posted from 3G Sports appear to be a nationwide scam.

The scam utilizes crawler programs and social media to target high school football fans across the country. The scammers displayed a NFHS Network loading page prior to requesting credit cards for free trial memberships for services 3G Sports did not actually provide.

Utilizing our investigative resources, seconews has learned the social media page is under management by a party in Indonesia. The page is not validated and has mostly foreign account likes. 

Seconews reached out to 3G Sports in several ways.

First, we filed negative feedback to solicit a response. We never received a response. 

We contacted 3G Sports as a US News and Media Outlet and they were unresponsive to our messages. 

After no response we messaged 3G Sports as an anonymous 3rd party asking about their services. Again, there was no response. After multiple attempts no one replied from what appears to be a fraudulent account using malicious bots (harmful software designed for specific repetitive functions). This harmful software appears to have copied information from public databases and scheduled Facebook events for highschool football competitions across the country. Then it sent invites to promote fake broadcast events, response would lead to an attempt to get victims to enter their credit card for free trial memberships.

Further, Seconews spoke with school officials from three area districts who did not have any knowledge of the company broadcasting their events, or of any contact from the company. 

Late Thursday evening Manzanola Schools released the following on social media:

Manzanola Schools scam post seconews.org

At the time of this posting seconews was unable to determine if this too was in response to the same unknown source originating from Indonesia.

Avoid engaging with suspicious social media activity, especially companies you don't know or trust. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Be suspicious of solicitations regarding local schools from third parties. 

Seconews is sharing this information with local law enforcement and with the Colorado High School Activities Association. Please share with your community. 

We will update this article if further useful public information is uncovered by the seconews investigative team.

We look forward to providing free regional high school sports coverage right here on the seconews network. 

Starting with verified livestream links from local school districts, CHSAA and NFHS Network Affiliates for each weeks Southeast Colorado Football Games.

We invite area school districts to reach out and share their livestreaming links, quarterly score updates and highlight photos.

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