Colorado Preps Network Warns of Baca Sports HS FB Streaming Scam

Description: Another Highschool Sports Streaming Scam Exposed by Colorado Preps Network.

Published: 11/02/2020
Byline: Hart

One of Many Livestream Credit Card Scams Exposed

In September Seconews learned of a Highschool sports streaming scam originating from Indonesia. After running the story we were contacted by victims of the nationwide 3G Sports Scam.

If you have been a victim of this or similar scams you should take action to protect your financial information. 

1. Contact your bank and stop payment.

2. Report to local law enforcement. 

3. Report the post on the platform you received the solicitation.

From Colorado Preps Network on Social Media:

"Want to send out a warning to high school football fans through the state - there is company called Baca Sport that is promoting live video streaming of high school events here in Colorado - they have three games listed for broadcast tonight (Monday) and none of the sites have been contacted for coverage set up - we believe this is a scam.  A click on the link takes you to a website that asks you to register and then likely pay to watch.  The site does not come up in any search engine - just their Facebook page with has one follower.  Please be careful."

Seconews has been actively working to expose  highschool sports streaming scams for several  months.

International originating scams on Highschool Football streaming flooded social media once schedules were posted on the NFHS Network. Scammers used malicious software to access victims credit card numbers through the ploy of free trial membership to view livestreams that actually didn't happen.

Seconews has contacted the Colorado High School Activities Association and the NFHS Network to make them aware of the scams.

You can read about it in our 3G Sports Scam article here: - 3G Sports Scam

Seconews continues working with area school districts to bring verified FREE Livestream links to the public. We post them on our weekly sports page.

We encourage school journalism and media programs, as well as fans and parents to share their Livestream links on the seconews network.

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