Tri-County Family Care Center Cruisin' Into Fun Results!

Description: Show & Contest Winners Photo Gallery!

Published: 05/02/2022
Byline: Hart

Results and Courtesy Photos Provided by Tri-County Family Care Center

16th Annual Cruisin' Into Fun Festival Winners Photo Gallery!

Car Show Winners: L – R; TCFCC Lisa Vigil; Low Rider Pedal Bike – Troy Lujan; Classic – Glen Dwinell; Customized – Paul Estrada; Antique – Leonard Walgren; 4Wheel – Lee Fulbright; Original – Larry Miller; Motorcycle – Roger Vigil; Muscle – James Wright; People Choice – Tony Lopez; TCFCC Tara Castenada; Hot Rod – David Grano

Bingo Winners: Halie Jade Grey and Lawrence McGee.

Pie Eating Contest: L – R: Age 5-8 - Tanaya Herrera; Age 9-12 – Abel Segura; Age 13-17 – Vicente Sandoval (holding Abel) 18 & older – Marcos Gaona.

Limbo Winners L-R Age 5-8: 1st – Adriana Ayala, 2nd – Lovella Harmon, 3rd Kingston Herrera.

Age 9-12: 1st –Haley Lopez, 2nd – Gianna Ayala, 3rd Abel Segura.

Age 13-17: 1st – Matthius Harmon.

Jump Rope winners: L-R Age 5-8; 3rd – Guiseppi Taylor, 2nd - Amiyah Ruiz, 1st - Maliyah Goode.

L-R Age 9-12: 1st – Abel Segura, 2nd – Angilee Soransford, 3rd – Hailey Lopez.

L-R Age 13-17: 1st – Reanna Romero, 2nd – Jizella Olmedo, 3rd – Vicente Sandoval.

 Hula Hoop winners: Age 5-8; 1st – Aja Willette, 2nd – Lovella Harmon, 3rd Ava Willette.

L-R Age 9-12; 1st – Aria Ham, 2nd - Hailey Lopez, 3rd - Landon Long.

L-R Age 13-17; 2nd - Natalie Anu, 1st – Mathias Harmon, 3rd - Jose Sanudo.

Adult: Jennifer Harmon.

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