About The Valley: La Junta City Council 6/21/22

Description: (Click Play) Interview with La Junta City Manager Rick Klein, Includes Audience Participation La Junta Fireworks Ban Enforcement... Feral Cats Ordinance Passes... La Junta 5-year strategic planning goals... (Includes Complete Meeting Video)

Published: 06/22/2022
Byline: Hart

About The Valley: La Junta City Council 6/21/22

Discussion with La Junta City Manager regarding city council actions taken Tuesday June 21, 2022. Includes: Moana Children's Theater Production now showing at La Junta High School, Arkansas Valley Hospice Director Anita Potter, Cassandra Thomas Discussion of Fireworks Ban enforcement, a residential-commercial zoning issue, allocations to the general fund as La Junta city employees are receiving substantial cost of living increases, the presentation of the audit, discussion and action on Feral Cat Ordinance, City of La Junta 5-year strategic planning, and more.
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.La Junta City Council Agenda

Watch the Complete Council Meeting Here:

City Manager Comments:

Asphalt patching when material is available on Thursdays.

Received Final trail design approval from CDOT. We will look to release DOLA grant

Water leak on Park Ave.

Working to bring Martin Montoya up to speed.

Working on the 50/50 tree removal program. First round has 8 applicants.

Fire wind Stage 1 fire restrictions

Stage 1 water restrictions

No Firework show or sales due to dry conditions

Striped Auxilium parking lot at Industrial Park

Prices keep going up

Swimming pool is really busy. We had 600 kids on the 11th.

138 people at library's first program and 400 signed up for summer reading program.

Paul Velasquez wanted to thank Street Department for relocating speed sign on 22nd Street.

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